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Toru Goto's Statement to the Tokyo District Court
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Toru Goto's Statement to the Tokyo District Court


Mr. Toru Goto (a victim of 12 years and 5 months of confinement) filed a civil suit in February 2011, against several relatives, a Christian minister and a professional “deprogrammer” who were involved in his confinement and attempted faith-breaking. The Support Committee for Toru Goto’s Court Case has published the documents submitted to the court on its website (  The current statement was translated into English by Mr. Yoshi Fujiwara in Australia and he published the translation on his blog (http:// ). The English has been further edited by ICRF. It represents the most detailed account by Mr. Goto of his long ordeal.


Personal History

Joining Unification Church (1986)

First Confinement (October 1987–November 1987)

After Escape from First Confinement

Second Confinement

(1) Confinement in Niigata (September 1995)

(2) Transferred to First Apartment in Tokyo (1997)

(3) Transferred to Second Apartment in Tokyo (December 1997)

(4) Miyamura's Deprogramming Work

(5) First Hunger Strike – 21 days

(6) Second Hunger Strike – 21 days

(7) Third Hunger Strike – 30 days

(8) Release from My Prison

After Hospitalization


Toru Goto's Statement

April 21, 2011, Kita-ku, Tokyo

Personal History

I was born in Yonezawa-shi, Yamagata prefecture, on November 2, 1963, as a second son. My father was born on November 25, 1931, and died on June 22, 1997. My mother was born on December 10, 1932, and is currently 78 years old. I have an elder brother (born on March 28, 1961, and currently 50 years old) and a younger sister (born February 14, 1967, and currently 43 years old).

I entered Oonoda Primary School of Musashino city in Tokyo. I was transferred to Hoya Daiichi Primary School of Hoya city in Tokyo and graduated in March 1976.

I entered Seiran Junior High School of Hoya city. I was transferred to Yachiyo Daini Junior High School of Yachiyo city in Kumamoto and graduated in March 1979.

I entered Hikawa Senior High School of Kumamoto in April 1979 and graduated in March 1982.

I started as an architecture major  in the Science and Engineering Department of Nihon University and graduated in March 1987.

I was employed by Taisei Construction Corporation in April 1987.

Joining the Unification Church

I was taken to a Video Center in Okachimachi, Tokyo, by my brother when I was in the fourth year at the university. The center was operated by the followers of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (known as the Unification Church). My brother had already become a member of the church when he invited me to learn the teachings. I was not so keen to learn. But I gave in to my brother’s enthusiasm and commuted to the Video Center.

I learned the Divine Principle, which is the doctrine of the Unification Church, via the video presentations and also by attending a three-day-seminar and a four-day-seminar.

At that time I was in the fourth year at university and was soon to become a member of society. Such a time should have been filled with hope. However, I felt depressed to hear of wars, crimes or divorces. I didn’t like my selfishness, and I was struggling as I could not find hope and value in life. I couldn’t talk to anyone about my internal suffering, which had no definite answer. During the holidays at university, I used to meditate at a fasting center in Fujisawa city, Kanagawa.

The Divine Principle, which my brother introduced to me, had a strong impact on me, especially its explanations of the existence of God, the purpose of the creation of God being the realization of love and joy, the relationship between God and humans being  one of parent and child, the cause of unhappiness and sin is the fall of man, human history is the history of restoration and so on. The Divine Principle made me understand clearly the purpose and value of my life. It gave me hope when I was struggling in despair. It revived my dying soul to new life with uplifting joyfulness. I decided to join the Unification Church.

After attending the church seminars, I joined a university students’ organization called the Student Department. I lived together with other members at the church center, called Home. My brother also witnessed to my sister, who was a college student at the time. She learned the Divine Principle at the Video Center near her college and  joined the church.

I graduated from the architecture program of the Science and Engineering Department of Nihon University in March 1987 and was employed by Taisei Construction Corporation in April 1987. I lived at the Okachimachi center (Home) and commuted to work.